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Hi! I'm Jackie


I'm the Founder of 

Health Info U Need To Know

Jackie Young boasts over three decades of distinguished experience within the medical industry, having served as a surgical secretary for specialized physicians in neurology, orthopedics, cardiology, and immunology.

Her professional background encompasses a diverse array of hospitals throughout Chicago and the state of Illinois. Jackie is a dedicated medical researcher, possessing extensive knowledge of contemporary health conditions that afflict our society.

With a wealth of experience witnessing various disease diagnoses, she was motivated to establish this blog as a platform to educate and inform her audience. The primary objective of the blog is to furnish readers with precise health information, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of various diseases, coupled with effective treatment strategies. Emphasizing a proven focus on self-care, the blog aims to empower readers with actionable insights.

Jackie has authored numerous health-related articles and newsletters, all of which are accessible on the blog website:

"Health Info You Need To Know."


The information in these blogs are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. These blogs are to educate and inform the reader with a view to make the proper choices concerning your health. I assume no responsibilty or liability for the decisions and judgements made as a result of reading these health blogs.

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