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Connect Mind, Body, & Healing

The mind influences all healing. and when we visit a doctor, we are vaguely reassured by the credentials we see hanging on the wall. We tend to feel better knowing we are doing something positive for our health. This is not hocus-pocus. Our mental, emotional, and spiritual state can indeed have a tremendous effect on health and healing. These are documented scientific facts, even if it is not well-understood or valued. No matter how beneficial or necessary a drug or a surgical procedure is, it is only one step of the healing process that connects our emotions with our organs.


Joy resides in the heart and an excess of stress on the nervous system can cause insomnia, depression, and anxiety. Anger affects the liver and when overindulged, it can cause headaches, irritability, and red itchy eyes. Fear targets the kidneys, and is accompanied by low back pain and ringing in the ears. Sadness and grief are associated and can result in asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and constipation.       


Worry affects the digestive system, causing the potential for digestive problems and depression. You can get engaged by taking charge, understanding one’s illness, exploring treatment options, changing your lifestyle, and being positive about the future.        


Some strategies for healing include finding support, looking to a more spiritual side, listening to the way you talk, taking care of yourself, finding a healthcare provider who will listen to you, eating healthy meals loaded with fruits and vegetables, and getting plenty of sleep as well as exercise. 


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