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The Power Of Knowledge

There is power in knowledge when it comes to caring for ourselves. How much do we know about many of the diseases that plague our bodies, from high blood pressure to autoimmune disorders, kidney disease, male and female hormones, liver disease, heart disease, strokes, acid reflux, and many other health problems that we face in our daily lives today?                                                       

The liver neutralizes and flushes out alcohol, illicit drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, food additives, environmental chemicals, parasites, bacteria & viruses. Your liver has the single most stressful job in your body, as it is responsible for over 260 unique functions within your body.

The bottom line is that your liver keeps you alive every second of every day with no option to take a break. It focuses on the crucial job of detoxifying the body, and the environment we live in gets more toxic than ever before. Diseases don’t happen overnight. Heart diseases, cancers, and many others develop months and even years after your liver fails to keep up with cleaning your body and blood.

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