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What Are Bladder Tumors?

Bladder tumors are malignant tumors that originate from cells lining the bladder and most of the urinary tract. These tumors grow inward, filling the space within the bladder, and may also invade the bladder muscle. Tumors in the urethra or near the ureters (tubes draining urine from the kidneys) can obstruct urine flow, causing it to build up in the kidney.

This phenomenon can produce swelling in the kidney, leading to a condition called hydronephrosis. Bladder tumors are more prevalent in men than women, and cigarette smoking is a major risk factor. Symptoms of bladder tumors include a frequent and urgent urge to urinate. There is usually no pain during urination, but there may be pain afterward. You may also experience a burning sensation and urinate in small amounts more frequently. Blood may be present in the urine, and pain in the back or side may indicate the development of hydronephrosis. 


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